Plastic Photo ID Minister License

Plastic Photo ID Minister License

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NACM Minister’s License with Photo ID.

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NACM Minister’s License with Number and Photo ID.

Made of 30ml waterproof Plastic (PVC).

*  Dimensions and thickness are similar to that of a standard credit card.

Professional, Air Tight Sealable, Exact Fit, Vertical ID Badge Holder.

*  Clear soft plastic vinyl ID card pouch keeps content safe and secure.

Comfort Braided Lanyard.

*  No more holes or torn clothes caused by pins or clips…

Official Issue of a Minister License Number.

* Some Ministers need an official license number when registering with local government offices.

Minister Requirements to order:

  • 1. Must be a member of NACM: 
    • a) Recognized with ordination, and
    • b) In good standing.
Note, at checkout you will be directed to upload a picture
2. Must attach a professional photo to be used on the ID meeting the following requirements:
  • a)  Standing upright and looking straight at the camera

Unacceptable Images:
Wearing non prescribed glasses.  Sunglasses.  Hats, baseball caps, etc.  Head tilted.  Image of the side of face.  Images where someone else was cropped from the picture.

  • b)  Headshot (with neck and upper shoulders) only

Unacceptable Images:
Display of hands, arms, etc. 

  • c)  Looking forward at the camera
  • d) With a neutral background
    • The image should be similar to that of a passport photo.  One of the easiest ways to get one is to have someone take a picture of the minister standing in front of a white wall, in a well-lit room. However, keep in mind that the quality of the image printed on the ID will be limited to the quality of the image submitted by the minister

Please note: We renew credentials in the month that they are ordered -without regard for being early or late.


If for any reason a member is uncertain about their status, we encourage to contact our HelpDesk.
To request this document, the named recipient MUST have met the following requirements:

1. They are a member of the NACM with a profile at

2. Their profile details, contact info, etc. are up to date

If the named recipient has not met the above criteria, the request for documentation will not be processed. HOWEVER; if by mistake the document is received:

a) it WILL be considered invalid; and

b) a fraudulent request for a document with the intention of deceit.

Further, the person named on the document will not be validated by our organization should a request for verification be made by government, institutions, church bodies, ministries, the public etc. In addition, the person(s) named, AND the ordering party will be identified as guilty of fraudulent intentions.