Annual Minister Renewal


Annual renewal is the process of confirming a minister’s connectedness with their ministerial fellowship.  Among the many reasons for its necessity, here are a few core points.

It demonstrates that the individual:

Is not deceased.

Is not incarcerated.

Is not a registered sex offender.

Is actively pursuing ministry.

Makes themselves accountable to their fellowship.

By keeping their contact details up to date.

Participating in fellowship (by example attending local gatherings, offering prayer, replying to discussions, knowing their local elders, etc.)

Seeking daily by God’s grace to live in a manner pleasing to our God.

Responding to our administration should someone report them for unethical conduct.  And in such a case, agreeing to have our administration guide them through resolution.

Thereby, making the minister regularly, and duly licensed as an independent minister in “good standing” with the National Association of Christian Ministers.


Below is the form by which to undergo the annual renewal process.


If you have difficulty viewing this form, you may also access it here:

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New Lanyard

We are now pleased to offer the official lanard of the NACM.

3/4 in. wide x 19 in. long.  Displaying the NACM Logo and our name National Association of Christian Ministers imprinted on soft silk like satin by means of dye sublimation.  This lanyard has a regal feel and very comfortable to wear.  It also sports a firm metal clasp by which to affix your credential.