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58 thoughts on “Which of these translations is your favorite?”

  1. Great poll, and one in which I’d like to share a recent experience that I hope you might find entertaining. I have always owned, studied, and preached from KJV, Open Bibles. Just within the past couple of months, I decided to try something a little different and visited a local Christian bookstore in Savannah (which is unfortunately closing, and going completely online with their business). As I was going through the many different bibles they had in stock, an employee approached me and asked specifically what translation I was looking to purchase. Without thought, I immediately asked, “do you have something in Georgia English?” We both shared a hearty laugh and I ended up purchasing a new NIV, which I am enjoying very much. I also just attended my son’s High School graduation. It has always been customary for me to purchase graduates their own Bible (usually NIV for our younger generation), inscribed with their name on the front cover. My son, however, suffers from a rare form of leukodystropy, which confines him to a wheelchair, and prevents him from having a cognitive ability higher than that of a small child (he is absolutely the happiest child in the world though…always laughing). Instead of the Bible, I instead purchased him a beautiful large cross and chain necklace…..he loves it! I am new to NACM, but am already enjoying this site very much. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity of fellowship.

  2. There are two primary sources of Bible manuscripts used for all translations, the Majority Text and the Minority Text, and only those produced from the Majority can efficiently be used with a concordance for Scripture passage location, because the Minority has significantly less passages due to omitting material and contains many interpolations and transpositions of text that are incompatible with a concordance.

    A quick example in the OT of a Minority based translation can be seen in 2Sam 21:19 which is suppose to read that “Elhanan . . . slew the brother of Goliath. But the errant reading in it is that “Elahanan . . . slew Goliath. The NIV is the only one I know of so far among the Minority based manuscripts that retains the correct reading, but is still unusable. Anyone who desires to know why this error exits in the OT can let me know and I will post why.

    An example of the NT incompatibility with these new versions and the concordance is well exemplified (and among many other passages) in Eph 3:9, which is suppose to read “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ,” but the Minority source omits the phrase “by Jesus Christ.” These and numerous other errors exists in the Minority based versions and if enough people were interested in a brief explanation of this uncommonly known problem with the Word of God, I would be pleased to post one, but usually most do not read the Word enough to be interested.

    Hope I wasn’t to lengthy with my comment here, but I find this is a significant enough issue to share!

    God Be Blessed!

  3. Recently I went on line to ask just how many versions ( not translations )of the Bible are there and the est was 1,891 .With so many versions world wide
    how do we settle on the right one the TRUTH not some ones opinion ! Churches’ cant even agree on what the LORD wanted us to learn ,I think the ” end times are closer than many think . For one thing there is a falling away going on NOW ! There is only ONE TRUTH >ONE BAPTISM not water <ONE HOLY SPIRIT AND ONE LOARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually prefer the NLT2 for its common vernacular. When I study a passage I like to compare to KJV as well as others. I was raised on the “King James is the standard and most reliable translation” mentality and I witnessed the flashfire of the paraphrases that altered the Word to suit a point of view. I really try to avoid getting too hung up on one version or another because if the Bible teaches anything beyond John 3:16, included in that offering is that God has never, ever needed a Bible to talk to, teach, bless, or correct anyone. I believe that prayerful seeking will always result in God’s self-revelation whether I am in a storm at sea, in my study with hard copy Bibles, Concordances, and Commentaries scattered amongst reams of scrawled notes and ideas, or on public WiFi polling resources from WordSearch, Logos, the web, or (especially great) quietly reflecting by a stream with the sounds of nature only interrupted by modern life on the rare occasion that a car passes in the distance. It is his promise to us (Matt 7:7-8).

  5. Although I don’t use the KJV as my primary translation I have (and do) read it and find it very comforting that it appears to be, by far, the most preferable translation of those that visit this site. I think it indicates a fairly conservative bent theologically and that’s not a bad thing in this day and age. I am curious, though, if within the group that prefers the KJV translation is the AV 1611 the only acceptable one or are other KJV translations equally valid? I don’t ask the question to stir up controversy but because I’m genuinely curious. I study/fellowship with someone who feels so strongly about the KJV that he believes it is THE inspired English translation. I respect his opinion (though I don’t share it) and we are able to study and fellowship together without a problem. Ultimately, we both trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and understand that our salvation comes through Him and Him alone.

  6. I really like the new king James Version NKJV. As I got older and started learning scriptures I had gained a more insightful view of scripture. Learning other translations and direct translations vs a freestyle Bible verse while still believing that some versions weren’t and dangerous to the reader. Everyone is coming out with a version that lines of with their doctrine from their denomination. So I sift through all of that and just allow the spirit to give me the wisdom and insight in how to interpret scripture through study and being under a learned instructor.

  7. Greetings Everyone! I use KJV most often but also use other versions as a reference to KJV. Of course, it would be nice to have commentaries available as well. Tozier and others had great insight! I think that another important factor is going back to the original (Greek, Hebrew) and understanding the what, where, when, how at the time it was written and apply it to us. While we do this we are also allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth. We must always apply wisdom and knowledge as we study. (2 Tim 2:15)

  8. I use different translations. However, when I visit other churches, so as not to confuse anybody, I utilize the New King James Version. I use the New Living translation when I am at home preparing sermons. It helps me to understand the content in various books of the Bible. In addition to reading my bible, I use Bible Commentarys to help me to understand the Bible.

  9. KJV it is for me. I have studied several bible versions and by doing so the questions began. Who has the in-site to really know the meaning of correct scripture? I prefer to investigate the Greek and Hebrew language and customs of the time to help me understand what the KJV is saying. Most of all though is what the Holy Spirit reveals to us through reading scriptures. We shouldn’t get caught up with the interpreted versions but what IS the message being conveyed. After all, we ourselves tend to interpret things in different ways. If I remember correctly, somewhere around 1922 a version came out by Moffett. I have this version and have studied it also because it was to have a better understanding of Greek and Hebrew meanings. What I found is that version seems to be satanical more than anything and some churches still profess its works.
    The above selections for the poll are all good even though there are different opinions about interpretations of the scripture and I’m sure more interpretations will come out in the future. The main thing we need to keep in mind is that when we read and study scripture we also pray about it and keep our hearts open to what the Holy Spirit speaks to us. The answer may not come quickly, it may be ten years down the road that you realize what you thought all those years was wrong. Our Father places things in our heart when the time is right. And that is why we should read and study scripture with an open heart and prayer and not get hung up on what interpretation of the Bible is correct. It is in the overall message that lives and gives us life everlasting.

  10. I like this question and discussion forum. Inquiry to those who responded KJV: Why do you prefer a translation that is 400 years old in a foreign language? By foreign, I mean King James’ English is vastly different language structure and words have evolved to have far different meanings than they did at that time. Think about how much the american english and its understandings have changed in the last 50 years. When I go to read it, I have to understand it in its original context. I work with a few translations that were written in the language understanding I grew up with. My personal preference is NIV but I also like NLT and our church uses ESV.

  11. I’m old school and like the KJV. I also like to use paper Concordances, Bible Dictionaries, etc. I know it is quicker using “Google,” or some other search engine, but I find my Bible study to be more meaningful when I research the meaning of words in the KJV for myself. Also, when it comes to memorizing verses, I prefer to quote KJV. I do find, however, that the New American Standard Bible version is the closets to the true meaning of the Scriptures.

  12. Love them all! All are breathed on and are good for study. Could there be versions that are interpreted differently? of course! But GOD is the final answer, if we search for HIM He will always find us, even without a Bible. It is a pleasure to have folks see the differences because that is also a learning experience! Give our hearts to GOD and HE will direct our paths. Trust in HIM to give us what we need just when we need it. Sometimes we make things much more difficult then we need to, but then aren’t we still learning? I have used most of the popular translations, but I have settled on the NKJV. Enjoy your time with GOD in study, no matter they version!

  13. One can and will argue doctrine philosophy an theology as long as time stands i reckon thats human nature. As for me im a KJV only type person. Far as i can tell i reckon it was good enough for Sunday Moody Spurgeon and countless others to preach teach and see souls saved under and i got saved under conviction thru the preaching of the Word under the KJV so as for my opinion if it aint broke dont fix it. Many other translations not all but many to me take away from the original text . So to argue legalistically what we have period that we deem to be the inspired written Word of God is what we have been handed down for century’s from the early church fathers the council at nicaea ,many other early councils from Jeromes thoughts to Constintines influence so that being said what we have is again a translation .. a translation at the very best. In light of that whether its word for word to the letter exactly as it was penned down by the original writers or not regardless of what translation we have ill give an account based on what i do have and what i do know and not what i dont. and heres what i do know and thats Christ came to save sinners and he saved me so i reckon that’ll stand.

  14. The KJV has stood the test of time and is still the most popular translation. I have tried them all, but always come back to the KJV. I do compare translations when studying as well as translating passages from the Greek (my Hebrew is not so good!). There are so many study aids and resources for the KJV compared to the newer translations as well. My church uses the NKJV which I think is also very good since it uses the TR Text as well as gives the other text variations from the Majority and Critical texts in the footnotes. That is not to say there are errors in the Bible. No sir, the Bible is, including the KJV and the newer versions (literal versions that is!), the inspired, inerrant Word of God!

  15. The KJV is to me like Italian or French “romantic language” and as such is very nice to hear, or read. However for study and daily reading I prefer to understand each word as much as possible and therefore prefer the NLT. Our pastor uses multiple versions, many of which I have yet to explore, however in the end he conveys God’s Word and the Holy Spirit confirms it. Of the 4 choices presented at the beginning of this survey, I chose NIV for the same reason I mentioned, Understandability.

  16. I find that most of the versions of the bible are interpretations of the KJV. I have used other versions as a type of commentary, however, it helps me see deeper into the word. I have more recently been studying the New KJV or the Modern KJV. I’m hearing that it is more accurate to the original writings. Either case it is the Holy Spirit that reveals the deep word from God. Hallelujah!

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