The right to bear alms must be protected | Brief letters

What can be done with the zealous but religiously illiterate primary school teacher who is unaware that almsgiving is central in Muslim, Christian and other faiths’ teaching (Boy, 11, referred to Prevent for wanting to give ‘alms to the oppressed’, 27 June)? It is not “mishearing”, but plain ignorance. Perhaps he or she should be given lines, and asked to write “eleemosynary” 200 times. And rather than expunge this from the pupil’s record, would it not be better for it to remain on record with a note that the teacher, not the child, was agreed to be at fault?

Rev Canon Michael Ainsworth


In response to Fiona Marlow’s cure for hiccups (Letters, 27 June), would she kindly clarify if you need to reverse the hand and thumb positions if left-handed? I await her response with bated breath.

Melanie Hewitt


There used to be a time when sensitive papers were left in taxis. Are our senior officials now reduced to taking the bus (Classified Ministry of Defence papers found at bus stop in Kent, 27 June)?

Andrew Lean


Such a moving piece by Emma Beddington on her dog (My dear old dog won’t be around for ever – so I will cherish every last walk, 28 June). I nearly cried (and I’m a cat man). The lightness of touch in the writing is remarkable.

Dave Crook


We girls wore knickers of any hue at my very ordinary secondary school in the 1960s. Am I in a minority among your more mature female readers (Letters, 28 June)?

Julia Edwards

Winchester, Hampshire

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