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The NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM: offerings for Community level & Professional level Chaplaincy!

The NACM seeks to provide very practical means for becoming an effective, thoroughly equipped and licensed CHAPLAIN to serve people wounded by the hardships of life in this world, in connecting them with the Healer of the Brokenhearted.

  1. HEARING THE CALL:  The first step towards chaplaincy is giving heed and testimony to God’s “call” into this ministry.  Chaplaincy is unique being focused primarily on ministering the grace of Jesus Christ to those beyond the church walls who are suffering the pangs of this sinful world.  Therefore it is a call to likely suffering for the chaplain as well, and should be carefully and prayerfully entered into.  Giving testimony of one’s call to chaplaincy, even if yet seeking assurance, is primary to moving forward into this ministry field.   [ The NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLALINCY COURSE can be very helpful in gaining assurance and guidance in the Lord for a call to chaplaincy.  The first half of the course particularly focuses on THE CALL and what to expect in chaplaincy.]
  2. ORDINATION:  The NACM requires that before one can be licensed for chaplaincy, they apply for and be approved for NACM ordination.  Chaplains are ordained ministers with a particular focus on chaplaincy.
  3. TRAINING Because chaplains engage people often in crisis situations, times of loss, hardship, disasters, death-and-dying, understanding how to effectively minister to address those needs is crucial.  It is not a field of ministry to be entered into lightly or inadequately.  The Chaplain needs to know how to walk in the Spirit and be guided by Him in situations, but to also have acquired the knowledge and skills for effective ministering in the Spirit.  The Chaplain “tools up” by learning how to minister to particular needs effectively, making himself as “meet for the Master’s use” as possible.  Like a medical doctor or surgeon, inadequate training can do more harm than good.   THEREFORE THE NACM OFFERS THESE TRAININGS FOR CHAPLAINCY:
    1. THE NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINCY COURSE: Essential basics for effective chaplaincy ministry as a volunteer or “community” chaplain (nursing home chaplain; street chaplain; jail visiting chaplain; community chaplain; hospital volunteer chaplain; etc.).  This completely online, self-paced learning experience is aimed at gaining confirmation of one’s call into chaplaincy, understanding the various aspects of chaplaincy, and acquiring specific ministering skills for effectively helping people in crisis situations (death-and-dying; suicide; grief-and-loss; disasters; domestic issues; etc.).  It uses 2 textbooks (Ministry of Presence; Crisis & Trauma Counseling) and a variety of videos, readings, exercises for creating useful reference tools, and interactive discussions with others taking the course as well as the instructor, to gain practical, proven and effective ministry skills.   Over 800 NACM members have taken the course and expressed praise for its thoroughness and practical equipping, feeling prepared to minister.      Read more about it on the course’s introductory webpage:  //       For more information, contact the NACM HELP DESK with your questions:  //
    2. CPE (CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION) – the 4 UNITS REQUIRED for becoming a board certified “professional chaplain” (becoming a paid staff chaplain at a hospital, military, police department, fire department, prison system, hospice, corporation, university, etc.), in addition to any other requirements (often undergraduate and graduate/seminary degree in ministry/chaplaincy), is being offered through NACM member Chaplain, Rev RON RINGO (PhD, LCMHC, LSW, CPE Supervisor/Instructor), in his EAGLE’S WINGS WELLNESS MINISTRIES program (an affiliate of WSHO – World Spiritual Health Organization –an accredited, recognized chaplains certification board) – an online CPE program meeting chaplaincy board competency requirements.  FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact “Chappy” Ron Ringo:  email at; or phone: (619) 855-5446.  MENTION that you are a NACM member for tuition reduction ($750 per semester; as opposed to the usual costs of other CPE programs from $1,000 to $1,200 per semester).
    3. BOARD CERTIFICATION for PROFESSIONAL CHAPLAIN (career; paid staff): though the NACM is NOT a certifying board for professional chaplains (and not seeking to be), NACM members who avail themselves of CPE training through NACM member Chaplain Rev Ron Ringo, can also apply for board certification through the WSHO (as mentioned in “B” above).  The WSHO, of which Chaplain Ron Ringo is also a board member, provides board certification based on educational background, but also credits for ministry and chaplaincy years of experience.  Meeting the standards of board certification for chaplaincy are based on experience as well as education, including completion of the 4 units of CPE.  For more information on the WSHO:  //
  4. CHAPLAIN LICENSING in the NACMOnce a NACM member has been ordained by the NACM, completed the NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course (or can give proof of equivalent training), he or she can request chaplaincy licensing (which is renewed annually).

FOR MORE INFORMATION or QUESTIONS:  Please contact NACM Exec Elder and NACM Chaplaincy Program Director, Rev Rodger Niemeier, with any questions or requests for licensing. Email:   – or contact through this website’s message system or HELP DESK

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