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It’s a shame that our local hero Emma Raducanu is out of Wimbledon (‘A very bright future’: Praise for Emma Raducanu as Wimbledon run ends’, 5 July), but readers should be aware that both Beckenham and Bromley are in London and have been since 1965. Her success is very much that of a Londoner.

Michael Shaw

Beckenham, London

The Leonardo da Vinci family history project to “better understand his genius” would have been 50% more successful if the researchers had also traced back his maternal mitochondrial DNA (Leonardo da Vinci project finds 14 living descendants, 6 July). Or is it only the male Y-chromosome that bestows genius?

Penny Parker

West Kirby, Wirral

Lesley Barnes proposes Revelation 21:4 as a “happy ending” (Letters, 6 July). As Revelation 21:8 promises “the unbelieving” and “the sexually immoral” (and others) a second death in a “fiery lake of burning sulphur”, I beg to differ!

Dennis Lane

Johannesburg, South Africa

When Prof Mike Elliott criticises Jonathan Jones (Letters, 5 July) for not being a sculptor, is he really suggesting that only artists are capable of understanding art? I must remember not to have the temerity to comment next time I visit the National Gallery.

Keith Wood

Alfreton, Derbyshire

I read Tim Dowling’s article (Spare that flea! How to deal humanely with every common household pest, 5 July) with interest, but wondered if he has any advice on how to get rid of squirrels.

Glenn Taylor


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