Survey: Vaccine hesitancy declines among faith groups, spurred partly by religious appeals


(RNS) — A new survey finds vaccine hesitancy has fallen among Americans overall and among all religious subgroups in just three months, with many who once balked saying they embraced inoculation against COVID-19 at the urging of faith leaders. Many stalwart subsets of “vaccine refusers,” however, have barely budged, raising concerns as to whether they … Read more

People won’t be vaccinated for bread — or million-dollar lotteries — alone


(RNS) — “People do not live by bread alone.” You know this verse from the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Deuteronomy or the New Testament’s Gospel of Matthew, both or neither. In any case, it means one thing: humans have needs beyond their physical ones. The Bible calls that “something” God, other traditions call it spirit, … Read more