Biden v US Catholic bishops: Politics Weekly Extra


Last week the US Conference of Catholic Bishops voted to move foward with plans to draw up new guidance on the eucharist, which could see President Biden being banned from receiving communion due to his stance on abortion. Why are they doing this? And what impact will it actually have? Jonathan Freedland speaks to Tom … Read more

‘Identity crisis’: will the US’s largest evangelical denomination move even further right?


Thousands of Southern Baptists from across the US are heading to Tennessee this week to vote for their next president, a choice laced with tension that could push America’s largest evangelical Christian denomination even further to the right and potentially spark an exodus of Black pastors and congregations. Each of the three leading candidates for … Read more

‘Unique problem’: Catholic bishops split over Biden’s support for abortion rights


At some point this weekend, Joe Biden will take his place in a line of people approaching the altar of a Catholic church to receive communion. The US president, a devout Catholic whose speeches regularly include biblical references and who carries a rosary that belonged to his late son, attends Mass every weekend – in … Read more