Claim: “Spirituality” Circuit in the Brain Has Been Identified


News July 22, 2021 Science, Spirituality Really? Is that even possible? News July 22, 2021 Science, Spirituality It’s a story like so many others: Researchers have “found” the brain circuits for spirituality: A new study led by investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital takes a new approach to mapping spirituality and religiosity and finds that … Read more

Side effects: COVID Got People Praying Again


McLean Hospital psychologist David H. Rosmarin has the stats: In the early days of the pandemic, economist Jeanet Bentzen of the University of Copenhagen examined Google searches for the word “prayer” in 95 countries. She identified that they hit an all-time global high in March 2020, and increases occurred in lockstep with the number of … Read more