White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars


(The Conversation) — Since the 1970s, white American evangelicals — a large subsection of Protestants who hold to a literal reading of the Bible — have often managed to get specific privileges through their political engagement primarily through supporting the Republican Party. In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan symbolically consolidated the alliance by bringing religious … Read more

I Believe! … In QAnon? What nonbelievers don’t get about conspiracy beliefs

i-believe! …-in-qanon?-what-nonbelievers-don’t-get-about-conspiracy-beliefs

(RNS) — What is the difference between being faithful and being faith-filled, and how might that difference be shaping politics and culture today? Those questions matter more and more, as we learn more and more about the role of faith in the lives of QAnon followers and the place of QAnon in the lives of … Read more