Newly sanctified Tunisian cemetery for migrants filling fast


ZARZIS, Tunisia (AP) — Most of the headstones have dates but no names. Row after row of palest white, practically gleaming in the Mediterranean sun. The cemetery in Zarzis is nearly exactly as Rachid Koraïchi pictured it when he sketched his vision of the “Garden of Africa” that would be the final resting place for … Read more

Germany gets 1st military rabbi in over a century


BERLIN (AP) — The German military got its first rabbi in over a century Monday, with the inauguration to the post of Hungarian-born Zsolt Balla at a synagogue in Leipzig. The German government in 2019 approved a proposal by the Central Council of Jews to restore religious counseling for Jews serving in the armed forces. … Read more

White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars


(The Conversation) — Since the 1970s, white American evangelicals — a large subsection of Protestants who hold to a literal reading of the Bible — have often managed to get specific privileges through their political engagement primarily through supporting the Republican Party. In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan symbolically consolidated the alliance by bringing religious … Read more

Judge tosses most claims over clearing protesters in DC park


WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge dismissed most claims filed by activists and civil liberties groups who accused the Trump administration of violating the civil rights of protesters who were forcefully removed by police before then-President Donald Trump walked to a church near the White House for a photo op. U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich … Read more

Pope on Myanmar: Houses of worship serve as neutral refuge


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Sunday decried the suffering of refugees in Myanmar and pleaded that houses of worship be respected as neutral places to take shelter. He told the public gathered in St. Peter’s Square for his customary Sunday noon remarks that he was joining his voice to that of the Asian … Read more

Israel launches official probe into deadly festival stampede


JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s government approved Sunday the establishment of an independent state commission of inquiry into a deadly disaster at a Jewish holy site in April that left 45 people dead. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said the commission would investigate major safety shortcomings that led to a deadly stampede at Lag Baomer celebrations on … Read more

An architect of European unity moves ahead on sainthood path


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Robert Schuman, a French statesman who paved the way for the bloc that eventually evolved into European Union, has moved ahead on the Catholic church’s path toward possible sainthood. The Vatican said Pope Francis on Saturday approved a decree declaring the “heroic virtues″ of Schuman, a former prime minister, finance minister … Read more

High court ruling cited in Kentucky child services dispute


(AP) — Republicans turned up pressure on Kentucky’s Democratic governor Thursday to renew a contract with a Baptist-affiliated children’s agency, reacting to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling they say should settle the dispute between religious beliefs and gay rights. Gov. Andy Beshear was noncommittal about the future contract status of Sunrise Children’s Services. The foster … Read more

Baker fined for refusing to make transgender transition cake


DENVER (AP) — A Colorado baker who won a partial victory at the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple violated the state’s anti-discrimination law by refusing to make a birthday cake for a transgender woman, a state judge has ruled. In the ruling Tuesday (June … Read more