Black community has new option for health care: the church


MILWAUKEE (AP) — Every Sunday at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, the Rev. Joseph Jackson Jr. praises the Lord before his congregation. But since last fall he’s been praising something else his Black community needs: the COVID-19 vaccine. “We want to continue to encourage our people to get out, get your shots. I got both of … Read more

Who is Ed Litton, the new Southern Baptist Convention president?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) — In a hotly contested election decided by just over 500 votes, Alabama pastor Ed Litton was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Litton, the longtime pastor of Redemption Church in Saraland, Alabama, a congregation with 3,900 members, was considered a long shot in the presidential race. Two other candidates — … Read more

Why the SBC attacks on critical race theory are a good sign


(RNS) — Nonviolent struggle is a martial art. “War without weapons,” it’s called by many practitioners.  And in martial arts, balance is taught to be a crucial part of victory in battle. Renowned 17th-century Japanese warrior Miyamoto Musashi advised that, once an opponent becomes wibbly-wobbly, “to follow up firmly on any loss of poise … … Read more

Southern Baptist Convention’s focus on mission recalls history of promoting white dominance


(The Conversation) — Rocked by controversies, dwindling numbers and internal divisions, the Southern Baptist Convention will meet for its annual meeting on June 15 under the banner: “We Are Great Commission Baptists.” The slogan is notable not only for the unifying “we” but for the statement of intent regarding the SBC’s theological mission – the … Read more

At least three critical race theory statements proposed for Southern Baptist meeting


(RNS) — If he had the chance to turn back time, Pastor Stephen Feinstein says, he might not have proposed Resolution 9. The innocuous-sounding and nonbinding statement adopted by Southern Baptists who attended their 2019 annual meeting has contributed to a fierce battle over critical race theory, an academic approach to understanding systemic racism. The … Read more

Putting Black at the center of interfaith


(RNS) — Every January, the city of New York hosts an interfaith breakfast that gathers my fellow New Yorkers who work to improve the lives of people in the five boroughs of NYC and beyond. Gathered under one roof for several hours are representatives of the many different faiths that can be found in our … Read more

Spirituality underpins migrant activism in US borderlands


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Alvaro Enciso plants three or four crosses each week in Arizona’s desert borderlands, amid the yellow-blossomed prickly pear and whip-like ocotillo, in honor of migrants who died on the northbound trek. Each colorful wooden memorial denotes where a set of bones or a decomposing body was found. Over eight years, the … Read more

Trudeau denounces truck attack that targeted Muslim family


TORONTO (AP) — A pickup truck attack that killed four members of an immigrant family has shaken Canada, a country where immigrants are largely accepted, and drew denunciations Tuesday (June 8) from Canada’s prime minister, who called it a hate attack directed at Muslims. The victims — two parents, two children and a grandmother — … Read more

Utah university should ditch ‘Dixie’ name, committee says


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A committee created to consider a name change for a university in Utah voted Monday to choose a replacement that does not include Dixie — a regional term many consider offensive because of its association with the Deep South and slavery. Dixie State University, which is located in St. George, … Read more

‘Lady of Guadalupe’ avoids tough truths about the Catholic Church and Indigenous genocide


(The Conversation) — The film “Lady of Guadalupe,” first released in 2020 and now available on many streaming services, mixes a fictional retelling of the 16th-century appearance of the Virgin Mary to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego with the tale of a wholly fictional 21st-century reporter named Juan working on a story about miracles … Read more