Political frustration in Northern Ireland has heightened tension around ‘marching season’


(The Conversation) — In Northern Ireland every year, a monthslong “marching season” sees members of a Protestant organization called the Orange Order don suits and bowler hats and take to the streets armed with banners and drums. The parades commemorate the military victory of Dutch Protestant King William of Orange over King James II, the … Read more

Start building communities in schools | Letter


Gregory Quiery is right when paying tribute to cross-community holidays hosting Catholic and Protestant children in Northern Ireland during the 1970s (Letters, 17 June). More recently, I remember attending a tea party for children who had just been on such a holiday in the US. In talking to their parents there were adults who had … Read more

Three weeks is a long time in politics for a creationist | Brief letters


As a small child at a convent school in London in the 1950s, I had an attack of hiccups in the playground one day. Mother Ignacius (a small, terrifying nun) was on duty. Beckoning me to her, she took a penknife from her pocket, opened the blade and pointed it at me. “Hold this!” she … Read more