Brad Raffensperger in conversation with Maina Mwaura


(RNS) — Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger talks with Maina Mwaura about the difficulties of being caught in the middle during the fraught 2021 presidential election ballot counting. And how his faith has sustained him through job difficulties and personal losses. Mwaura: We could all admit this past election season was one of the … Read more

What is a mainline Christian, anyway?


(RNS) — Is it a denomination? Is it a set of theological beliefs? Is it the type of church you attend? How exactly do you define a mainline Protestant Christian? It’s a question asked by many on Thursday (July 8), after polling outfit Public Religion Research Institute unveiled a new survey that showed white mainline … Read more

Ebrahim Raisi poised to sweep into Iranian presidency despite weak religious credentials


(RNS) — Ebrahim Raisi seems poised to emerge victorious in Iran’s presidential elections later this week, thanks to the support of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei more than Raisi’s strength as a candidate. “Raisi is the weakest in terms of the substance of the presidential candidates and is therefore favored by Iran’s ruling elite,” said Babak … Read more