Israeli police clash with protesters to clear Al-Aqsa complex for Tisha b’av worshipers


AMMAN, Jordan (RNS) — Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa complex was the scene of violent confrontations Sunday (July 18), as Israeli security personnel forcibly cleared the area, the third holiest mosque in Islam, for Jews to observe their day of mourning for the destruction of two temples they believe once occupied the site. More than 1,000 Jewish worshippers … Read more

Jordan debating whether to open up to Shiite pilgrims


AMMAN, Jordan (RNS) — Jordanians are debating the possibility of opening the Sunni Islam-majority country to Shiite pilgrims long discouraged from visiting the tombs of the relatives of the Prophet Muhammad, most prominently Jafar, Muhammad’s cousin and the brother of Caliph Ali, the first Shiite leader. The debate was triggered by a Facebook post by … Read more