‘I shoot for the common man’: the photographs of Danish Siddiqui


Reena Jani, 34, gets ready to travel to a health centre to have an AstraZeneca vaccination, in Koraput, Odisha state, India, in January. Jani became a community health worker seven years ago. She monitors pregnant women in her village, tests for malaria and distributes medication for fever and diarrhoea. When she first heard she was … Read more

Beijing using its financial muscle to target Uyghurs living abroad – report


China is using its unprecedented economic clout across vast swathes of Asia and the Middle East to target Uyghur Muslims living beyond its borders through a sprawling system of transnational repression, a new report says. Beijing’s crackdown on Xinjiang province, where more than 1 million people are thought to have been detained in a network … Read more

‘A haven for free-thinkers’: Pakistan creatives mourn loss of progressive arts space


Danial Shah turned to Sabeen Mahmud, for help with his first photo exhibition when all other organisations refused to show his work. Shah’s photographs cover political and cultural issues, such as local elections and women’s rights. Some refused to work with him on political grounds, while others did not reply at all. After a meeting … Read more

Sadia Hussein: the FGM survivor who is saving girls from the knife


Sadia Hussein had been in labour for three days when she felt she could take no more. She could hear her mother crying in the distance, pleading with God to save her daughter’s life. But even though things were clearly not progressing as they should have been, the women in her small Kenyan village were … Read more

Les Hijabeuses: the female footballers tackling France’s on-pitch hijab ban


Founé Diawara was 15 years old when she was first told she could not wear her hijab in a football match. It was an important game. She had recently got into the team of a club in Meaux, the town north-east of Paris where she grew up, and they were playing a local rival. Diawara … Read more

Hungary’s LGBT protests and Juneteenth Day: human rights this fortnight – in pictures


A protest outside the Independent Human Rights Commission, in Herat, Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans have worked as interpreters, security guards and contractors for US and Nato forces in the country in the past 20 years. Demonstrations were held across the country, with protesters demanding special visas and to be evacuated from the country, citing the … Read more