My child learned he was ‘low caste’ from a school textbook: An American Shudra story


(RNS) — It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on a verdant Ivy League campus when the “C” word was thrown at me, casually, over greasy takeout noodles. “You are a Hindoo!!! What is your caste?” asked my chirpy, white colleague with the excitement of a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” confident he … Read more

Start building communities in schools | Letter


Gregory Quiery is right when paying tribute to cross-community holidays hosting Catholic and Protestant children in Northern Ireland during the 1970s (Letters, 17 June). More recently, I remember attending a tea party for children who had just been on such a holiday in the US. In talking to their parents there were adults who had … Read more

Facing enrollment declines, some Catholic dioceses are betting on online schools


(RNS) — Catholic schools across the country worked hard to keep their doors open this past academic year, even as many public schools remained closed. But now, with the coronavirus pandemic in retreat and nearly all schools returning to in-person classes this fall, a dozen Catholic dioceses across the U.S. are launching permanent online schools. … Read more

‘Serious concerns’: UK education row as Israel-Palestine textbooks pulled


The government has warned schools to ensure a balanced presentation of opposing views on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which claimed more than 250 lives last month and sparked a wave of classroom protests in the UK. But teachers may struggle to comply because the only exam board to offer curriculum material and a … Read more