Neuroscientist: Conscious AI Is Not an Insurmountable Problem


Neuroscientist Ryota Kanai, founder and CEO of Tokyo-based startup Araya, aims to “understand the computational basis of consciousness and to create conscious AI.” He isn’t sure, he says, if we want AI to be conscious. But, technically, he doesn’t see it as an insurmountable problem: If we can’t figure out why AIs do what they … Read more

We Are Now Informed: Consciousness Does Not Really Exist


News June 6, 2021 Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind Rubbish. Giving up consciousness as an illusion would be like turning off the master switch. What would the ensuing darkness and powerlessness tell us? News June 6, 2021 Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind What you think is enabling you to listen with any attention to neuroscientists (your dog, … Read more