Books: Cancel Culture As an Invisible Army of Censors


For authors, Cancel Culture, powered by social media, is becoming a serious business. A poorly thought-out tweet from years past — or merely one to which socially powerful people take exception — may destroy a career. The mob has hit genre fiction hard. One author, studying the trend, recounts, Since March, I have been sending … Read more

‘What Is God Like?’ Late author Rachel Held Evans’ first children’s book invites questions


(RNS) — Rachel Held Evans was just starting to get excited about writing children’s books. The bestselling author of several adult books on Christianity, Held Evans had sketched out, to varying degrees of completion, four outlines and drafts of children’s books. Then, in May 2019, the beloved author, wife and mother died suddenly and unexpectedly at … Read more

Reverend Richard Coles: ‘A collapsing ancien régime is like Disneyland to me’


The book I am currently readingStrange Rebels by Christian Caryl, an account of five events in the year 1979: the market reforms of Deng Xiaoping in China; the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; the election of Margaret Thatcher; the visit of John Paul II to Poland; and the Iranian revolution. I found it in Shaun Bythell’s … Read more