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2 thoughts on “Surveys and Polls”

  1. The reason that those over 75 drop in their belief demons exist is that there are several explanations in existence for the behavior that is sometimes explained as demonic. Anyone who is past a certain age (and beleive me, I am there) makes his own decisions. If they have never seen a demon, they are more likely to conclude that the other explanations are correct.

  2. I honestly believe the reason the belief drops with the demographic over age 75 is the level of teaching or knowledge they have on the subject. Most of the elderly that I know either grew up Catholic or Protestant, neither of these denominations really “teach” about the spiritual world. Yes, the Catholics do have their speciality in exorcism, but is that taught in the church, no its not. I myself grew up Protestant and there was never any talk of demons, evil, satan, etc. much if every in any of the Sundays I was sitting in a pew. If I talk to my parents, neither of them knows anything about angels or demons (Dad was raised Catholic, Mom Protestant). So, to me, comes down to the demographic where people are taught the truth and want to listen to the truth. Not just the feel good preaching that we see so much of, but the fire and brimstone, unadulterated, whole gospel biblical truth that is taught in the evangelical area.

    This of course is just my opinion…. but until I found my way into a Charismatic/Pentacostal church, I never heard any truth of demons or demonic issues. And it was not until I saw the true nature of demonic possession when doing missions work in Africa that I truly understood what exists.

    With knowledge comes understanding….. but if the truth is not told, shared, taught…. people just will not believe it exists. But on the other hand, satan is the master of deception and if you make people believe evil and demons don’t exists then they are blinded to reality.

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