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Classic Minister’s License

This classic minister’s ID is perfect for more than 101 situations.  It fits nicely in a pocket, wallet, or to display with a lanyard/badge clip. When visiting hospitals as a minister, often nurses may ask to see your minister’s license. In addition, some states require that ministers are in “good standing” with their organizations in order to perform marriages etc. This license is proof of good standing with an expiration date that is good for one year from the date of issue.  This item is double sided with the mark of ecclesiastical accountability on the opposite side.  It comes laminated with 0.7ml. thick laminate (which feels like a driver’s license in your hand.)  It also features an included badge clip.


1) We renew credentials in the month that they are ordered -without regard for being early or late.

2) Members of our organization can be sure that they are qualified to request documents if:

a) Their contact information is up to date on their profile at:


b) They have received a notice (in writing via email) from the NACM administration that their request for the recognition of ordination has been approved. All valid communication must have come from the following email addresses: or

If for any reason a member is uncertain about their status, we encourage to contact our HelpDesk at the following link:
To request this document, the named recipient MUST have met the following requirements:

1. They are a member of the NACM with a profile at


2. They must have been approved for ordination by the NACM after applying at:
If the named recipient has not met the above criteria, the request for documentation will not be processed. HOWEVER; if by mistake the document is received:

a) it WILL be considered invalid; and

b) a fraudulent request for a document with the intention of deceit.

Further, the person named on the document will not be validated by our organization should a request for verification be made by government, institutions, church bodies, ministries, the public etc. In addition, the person(s) named, AND the ordering party will be identified as guilty of fraudulent intentions.