Tracking the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Summary

Starting Population7,727,439,400
Immune Population50,000
Start Date2020-01-01
Initial Infections2
Infection Rate2.45
Incubation Days10
Mortality Rate3%
Mortality Complicator10%
Burnout Rate4%
Iteration Count50
Population At Risk7,727,389,400
Total Infected2,084,109,839
Total Recovered1,813,385,047
Total Deaths270,724,792
Total Uninfected5,643,329,561
Population Alive7,456,714,608

New Infected Death Rate

Total Deaths

3 thoughts on “Tracking the Coronavirus”

  1. I geeked out over this widget.  I have a math degree and love looking at raw numbers instead of statistics.  If there has been one thing that has irritated me repeatedly during this pandemic is seeing the news media report statistics from untrusted sources that have zero usefulness and are reported as earth-shattering, fear-inducing insights.

    I know several hospital workers who are caring for coronavirus patients, but I don't know anyone who has actually had it.  My brother-in-law, who is an ER nurse and who is in the Navy Reserves, has been told to be ready to be deployed to NYC for 60-90 days, so he and my sister have just resigned themselves to the fact that they'll end up with it at some point and just hope they don't get seriously ill, or worse.

    I will say, one major consequence of this pandemic has been the number of people who have asked me if this is the end of the world.  I'm not anything (pre/post/a-millennial, pre/mid/post/anti rapture) when it comes to how I view Revelation.  I'm just of the opinion that we should know what it says simply at face value, and keep our eyes open.  Will a dragon come up out of the ocean?  Probably not, but who knows?  It's God; He could if He wants to.  But regardless of all the teaching on Revelation and other end-time prophecies, the thing that calms people most isn't all the details and deeply theological ruminations, but the simple observation that if it is the end of the world, we get to spend eternity with Jesus, and if it's not the end of the world, we are still spending eternity with Jesus, just not in as awesome a place for the time being.  All the deep details of scripture are interesting, at least to me, but when it comes to what alieves fear and gives true peace, it's the very foundational basics of the faith, "Jesus is good; go toward Jesus."

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