Ok, silly word!u00a0 But the word is so used by us all.u00a0 I seldom say or write two sentences in a row that donu2019t have the word u201cmeu201d in them, or least some form of it such as myself or I!u00a0 Doesnu2019t that sound like I am a little stuck on myself?u00a0 See, already I have used me, myself or I three times and havenu2019t even got started!u00a0 It is natural for us to put ourselves first, Christian or not!u00a0 But that surely is not what we should do and not what GOD wants us to do.u00a0 u00a0Philippians 2:3 tells us this: u201cDo nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.u00a0 Did you ever consider how things would change if we really practiced putting others first?u00a0 Maybe we could really overlook that nasty little remark that someone said of us and honestly just move along with our day.u00a0 Maybe we could let ourselves just be wrong instead trying to find someone else to blame it on!u00a0 Or maybe Joe or Jane donu2019t have to be like me, just maybe they are different, not wrong! All of these things I have mentioned have a very serious consequence for me!u00a0 If I donu2019t put others first I am the one the will be hurt the most!u00a0 I remember bringing up the kids, they messed with my head so many times but I LOVED and still LOVE them.u00a0 The reason I mention raising up the kids is this:u00a0 Claireta and I put the kids first in our lives!u00a0 The hurt that we felt when they did things that we thought was wrong was washed away by our LOVE for them.u00a0 Believe it or not, the culprit in all of this me stuff is pride, we humans have a terrible time admitting that we are not the best at everything or at least best at something.u00a0 This brings on the me thing, the I did, I will or I am that begins so many of our sentences, most of the time seemingly just to justify our existence!u00a0u00a0u00a0 We feel that we canu2019t be important or arenu2019t important because we donu2019t u201cstick outu201d like others do, so we try to do what they do. This is so wrong in many ways, firstly because we have been given our own gift. This gift we have been given is to brighten the lives of others.u00a0 If we try to be like someone else how can we share that gift that GOD has given us? 1st Corinthians chapter 12 tells that a body has many parts, if every part wanted to be an eye we might see alright but it would be hard to eat without a mouth!u00a0 Your gift, no matter what it is, is necessary, if we donu2019t like what we are and decide to be something else we are not being who JESUS wants us to be!u00a0 Letu2019s all try to use the me, myself and I a little bit less!u00a0 Maybe we can finally understand that we are special just like we are!u00a0 GOD LOVES US and HE put us right where we are now for a reason.u00a0 If we need to be proud of something let it be the fact that GOD HIMSELF thinks we are special and HE LOVES US.u00a0 We need to Learn to LOVE OURSELVES as corny as that sounds, GOD LOVES us so Whatu2019s not to LOVE?

Let our u201cme, myself and Iu201d be just that, we are who we are in CHRIST and if we do that we can put others first!u00a0 Imagine how this little area of the world would change if we put others first!u00a0 u00a0u00a0u00a0

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