Where is the Credentials Department?

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You will find that here: https://nacministers.net/support

25 thoughts on “Where is the Credentials Department?”

  1. Ok, I may be a little slow here so please bear with me. I just joined, and sign on as well for ordination. When will I know about my licensing? I am already licensed and ordained through another ministry can that just transfer over? If not can I hold license in both ministry’s?

  2. My current credential card indicates that it will expire the end of this month 8-2019. My assumption is that I just have to order a new card and it will show the new expiration of 8-2020? Can you please verify that my understanding is correct?

  3. Greetings
    I joined today. I already have an ordination certificate as Minister of the Gospel. What is required of me to be able to be licensed here.
    Do I need to take some courses or what is my next step.

  4. I joined and applied for ordination about a week ago and have heard nothing back…no approval, rejection, or request for more info. What should I expect, and when?

  5. Mr Mooney, I also have two tickets submitted to the help desk that have not been answered. Your reply to me, above, is the first response I have been able to get from anyone about any question I have had.

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