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There are primarily three important areas of our fellowship navigation:

  1. Your Profile,
  2. Group Kiosk, and
  3. HelpDesk.

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Last Updated On February 14, 2019

5 thoughts on “Network Navigation”

  1. I’m having trouble understanding how to post discussions, or PRAYERS in the Virtual Prayer Room. The discussions forum used to be viewed by all. I believe now it is supposed to be by groups but I am just too dense to understand. Is there a way to add files or folders to make it easier to categorize our discussions, example, as per the old website? If I understand correctly, “and very likely I don’t”, any discussions submitted will only be viewed by members of that group? Is there a way to have the new site open somewhat like the old one with short statements and then the discussions beneath? Sorry to be such a pain, I am trying!
    Brother Jake

  2. I can only say I am struggling to infuse with this new format, no I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, but I feel like my 75 year old mother trying to post on her Facebook page- I really feel isolated and alone on this one that’s for sure, and I thought my slow down due to a knee replacement was going to give me time to apply… but the pain and therapy, and did I say something about the pain? Maybe the pain meds have me crazy? Lol

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