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Last Updated On March 13, 2019

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  1. Something does not seem to be right with the website. I am unable to accept any friend request. I have tried it in Chrome and IE. The requests show up in my list, but if I select ACCEPT, nothing happens.

    • Quoting our Public Homepage located at //

      We Are
      The National Association of Christian Ministers, an non-denominational fellowship of professional Christian ministers.
      Our Purpose
      To advance Christian ministry by offering professional development, ministry training, Christian ordination, minister licenses and church charters.
      Our Vision
      To make these ministerial resources freely available to all believers called to ministry.
      Our Strategy

      After prayerful examination; consideration of our high ethical standards; and affirmation of faith; our ministry is to:
      1) Mentor, License & Ordain Christian Ministers
      2) Develop Leadership With Ministerial Training
      3) Confer Church Charters of Accountability
      4) Provide a Professional Fellowship for Networking Ministers

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