Confession of Faith

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Last Updated On March 10, 2019

24 thoughts on “Confession of Faith”

  1. I agree totally with the structure setup by our organization and believe that if we dedicate ourselves to unity of the Body of CHRIST as a whole it will strengthen us all as Christians through then Spirit.

  2. I totally agree with all Sixteen Articles. I believe that man’s greatest problem is sin, which separates us from God (Isaiah 59:1~2) and man’s greatest need is Repentance. I believe being baptized into Christ is essential for salvation. I believe the Word of God penetrates like a sword. (Hebrews 4:12) I believe in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18~20). I believe obeying God is essential. I believe in the Cross of Jesus and His Resurrection. I believe the First Century Church is the only true Church of Christ, the one He created.

  3. I 100% agree to all sixteen articles. Our greatest need to for repentance and forgiveness and believe and use the Word of God over our protection as well as how to help us change the way that we are not currently walking with the Lord and to use it to help us change the way we think and behave and change it to more like God would like to see it.

  4. 100% AGREE Our salvation eternity in Jesus Christ. God has blessed with covenant eternal blessing. Sharing this glorious good news with every opportunity available.

  5. I agree with all articles! Praise God the father, son, and holy spirit! We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, but through faith in Christ, we have redemption according to God’s holy word.

  6. I am astatic beyond words to be a part of this organization. I have read each of the 16 articles and agree with each and every one. It’s so wonderful to be a part of a Christian organization that is not based on man made rules.
    May the Lord Jesus Christ shower each and every one of you with his goodness and guide you through your ministry, in the Name of The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

  7. As a called Minister I have read NACM’s statement of faith and totally agree. This should be the belief of all Christian leaders. Obey God and call on the name of Jesus for the salvation of all people.

  8. I agree with the articles of faith..However, I noticed some of the books are the site such as the difficult verses book by the Restored church of God. Well it denies the Holy Spirit as a person. This concerned me. Reading the articles of faith help to see you do believe in the correct doctrine of the Bible and that God is one but three person…

  9. I have read and totally agree with the articles of faith. The things I have been blessed to see in the world and around the world have only strengthened my faith, in today’s society we must live in the world but be not of the world. The articles of faith align with my foundation. I pray you strength, mercy, and peace in his name Amen.

  10. Time tested and valid Belief System.
    As Jesus said… “Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven and It’s Righteous Ways and All These Things will be Added Unto You”(paraphrase) definitely defines the Core of Beliefs as Stated in Faith Statement.

    I have yet to find where Jesus’s ministry speaks of (Religion) as the Door to anything… .

    Therefore, I embrace the GodHead, as the foundation of my non-denominational faith walk.
    I am extremely confident that Our NACM Faith/Belief Statement is thoroughly grounded and rooted in Christ-centered doctrine.

    In the Authorized King James Version of the Bible the text reads: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you.”
    Matthew 6:33

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