Approved Use of NACM Logo

Greetings to you all in the name above all names -JESUS! Over the years it has become a regular question within our fellowship regarding how members may use our organization’s logo.  This announcement is intended to clarify this so that members may enjoy sharing their association without the violation of any laws or policy. 1. … Read moreApproved Use of NACM Logo

Getting Started

First Things First 0 1 2 1) Every member should ready carefully our Fellowship Guidelines.  Their membership depends on it.  It is available here: Guidelines 2) It is essential to understand that we are in transition from an old platform.  If you have not yet read this welcome, please do so here:  Welcome 3) We … Read moreGetting Started

Reconciliation Policy

Background   During the year of 2014, we experienced numerous instances where allegations were made against members of our leadership.  These resulted in the necessity for the Exec. Elders to: 1) investigate, 2) form opinions, and 3) implement resolutions.   We are pleased to say that in “almost” every instance, our leaders were found innocent. … Read moreReconciliation Policy

Network Rules

LAST UPDATE: 03-16-2019   PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to offer a written set of reasonable expectations by which to ensure the best interests of our members in the context of our fellowship. It is not intended to be a code of laws that are blindly upheld in the absence of common sense. … Read moreNetwork Rules

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