How to Join Groups

Use the Groups Kiosk to Locate a Group of Interest Here: // When You Arrive at the Group, Click the “Join Group” Button

Getting Started

First Things First 0 1 2 1) Every member should ready carefully our Fellowship Guidelines.  Their membership depends on it.  It is available here: Guidelines 2) It is essential to understand that we are in transition from an old platform.  If you have not yet read this welcome, please do so here:  Welcome 3) We … Read moreGetting Started

Transferring Your Favorite Posts

Something that members can do to really assist in our transition is to transfer their own posts to the new fellowship. This tutorial will show you how to accomplish this. The following is required for a successful transfer: 1) You must be the author of the original post; 2) You must select the most relevant … Read moreTransferring Your Favorite Posts

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