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Does Anybody Have Any Guidance for a Newbie?

Home Forums Womens Ministries Does Anybody Have Any Guidance for a Newbie?

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    Hi There!

    I lead the women’s bible study and discipleship ministry at a small local nondenominational church. I am also a Master of Christian Ministries in Discipleship and Church Ministries student. I have up to about 12 active women and a bunch more women who have expressed interest in coming to one or the other or both of our two meetings per week. One meeting is in the morning and the other is in the evening to accommodate women with different schedules. I have been growing by leaps and bounds as God has put me in this position and given me things to do that I would never have thought of doing on my own.

    I am starting this thread to see what suggestions other women ministry leaders might have to share their experience and help new ministers like me.

    Lisa Bates

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    teresa marsh

    Hi Lisa , great to hear of your field of expertise in womens ministry and the open doors God has set before you.

    I lead a small group of women where we pray study scripture and fellowship on a weekly basis. There is a great need for the encouragement this brings to individual women. Godbless you in the call of God.

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