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2019 Ohio Gathering Information

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    Organized by : Your Ohio Coordinating Elder Paul Hawkins and the Planning Team

    Officiated by: Executive Elder Michael Mooney and Ohio Coordinating Elder Paul Hawkins

    Gathering Date: Saturday August 24, 2019  Starts promptly at 11:00 AM and is expected to last until 4:30 PM

    Gathering Location:  Saturday 89472 Amsterdam Road Jewett Ohio 43986

    Optional Activities Date: Friday August 23, 2019

    Optional Activities Location: Friday 89500 Germano Jewett Road (SR 9) Jewett Ohio 43986



    As in 2018, again this year we are privileged to have dates reserved with Faith Ranch for the 2019 Ohio Gathering. Faith Ranch operates as a Christian summer camp through July to mature children spiritually, personally and emotionally. It is also a Christian Conference Center that offers much for those attending.

    Saturday is the “official” 2019 Ohio Gathering and is open to all NACM members and guests regardless of where you may be located. There will be a customary contribution of $12 per person to cover the cost of the hall rental and help with Executive Elder Michael Mooney’s travel expenses. The hall is air conditioned to help offset the “warm” Ohio weather. There will be a pot luck lunch. Please bring food to share with everyone. Hot dogs and cold water will be furnished, so you need NOT bring hot dogs, buns, condiments etc.. Please bring your own non-alcholic beverages and table settings.  There will be music provided (we are currently searching for music volunteers) followed by opportunity for testimonials, a Laying on of Hands Blessing for NACM Ordained Ministers and some time that includes teaching from Executive Elder Michael Mooney as well as some individual Pastoral Care from Ohio Coordinating Elder Paul Hawkins.

    We again offer the optional extra cost activities for Friday (these were planned for the 2018 Ohio Gathering and rained out).The Friday activities are an excellent opportunity to fellowship with some of our NACM members and their guests in a more casual setting. These activities are priced individually and are per person. Your participation is completely voluntary. There is hiking available at no charge (please bring insect repellent and appropriate hiking footwear/clothing and be certain of how to find your way back to the Faith Ranch Office! Faith Ranch is a huge 4200 acre facility. We do NOT have search and rescue capabilities.)  Please visit the Faith Ranch website provided below to get more familiar with this wonderful scenic facility. There are limited spaces available on a first come first serve basis in a gals bunkhouse and in a guys bunkhouse for Friday overnight stay at only $5 per person (bring your own bedding). Please be certain to RSVP early with Coordinating Elder Paul Hawkins. There will be a swimming pool available (near the bunkhouses) at $5 per person.  Camping is also available for Friday night at $10 per site. There will be horseback riding available if there are 10 or more participating (we may be mixed with non-NACM people for this activity). The horseback riding is restricted to a minimum age of 7 years old and a maximum weight of 250 pounds. There will be a bedtime campfire and vespers at no charge. There is no official start time for Friday activities but you may wish to be on site around 3PM. If you plan to horseback ride, you may wish to confirm a time for that activity with Faith Ranch. These rates were provided for the benefit of our NACM ministers and guests. Any rates shown on the Faith Ranch website do not apply for us. Please make all payments directly to Coordinating Elder Paul Hawkins for aiding in coordination with Faith Ranch and avoiding confusion. He will make payment to Faith Ranch.

    Faith Ranch Website:  //

    NACM” signs will be posted along SR 9 between Jewett and Faith Ranch to help you find your way. Please check with ODOT for any detour information that may affect your travel. I know of one in Piedmont Ohio on US 22. Another is on SR 7 just north of US 22. Please don’t let these affect your attendance or attitude 🙂 We have a wonderful Spirit filled time planned. 



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    Hi Everyone!

    I noted above that you may encounter detours as you travel to the 2019 Ohio Gathering. I spent some time this afternoon looking at how to simplify finding what construction you may encounter on your travels to the Ohio Gathering. The best I can tell you is to plan a route that will get you to US 22 and SR 151 <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>just a couple of miles east of Cadiz Ohio</span> . After you have determined your best route, Google Ohio Department of Transportation. find: <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Ohio Department of Transportation Home Page, </span>Open their home page then click on “Districts”. A map of Ohio with 12 Districts will appear. Click on a District you plan to travel in. On the District home page, find the “OHGO” green icon and click on it. A map of Ohio that looks like it has orange measles will appear. Pick the part of Ohio that you plan to travel in and click on it. Zoom in on your travel route. If there is construction activity on your travel route, it will show in orange. Click on the orange to see if there is restricted/ closure involved. Since Ohio detour routes are set to handle truck traffic, posted detours will likely be longer than one you may find more convenient using local roads. The one on US 22 in Piedmont is a prime example.

    The OHGO information is updated weekly (I think). Some Districts have more detailed detour information on their home page. If anyone needs assistance with travel routes, please let me know.

    Once you arrive at Jewett Ohio, “NACM” signs will guide you along SR 9 to our destination(s). Please place your travel in the Lord’s hands, pray for safety and His peace on your journey to another wonderful Ohio Gathering! I look forward to meeting each of you there!

    In Christ,

    Your Coordinating Elder, Paul


    PS: If you have been thinking (prompted by the Holy Spirit) about assisting with music, please contact me ASAP.

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    Just in case you haven’t received the message earlier this afternoon via the Ohio Group Page, here’s what I learned about the horseback riding availability:


    Hi Everyone!
    Please keep our Ohio Gathering (Aug 23 & 24) in your prayers! Things are coming together well. If you plan on horseback riding, trail rides are set for Aug 23 @ 11:00 AM & 1:00 PM. Please contact Cindy ASAP at 740-946-2255 or to reserve a spot on either ride. I’m looking forward to seeing each of you There..Praise God for providing this special time for us!


    Just as a reminder about the trail riding, the minimum age is 7 and the maximum weight limit is 250 pounds.

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    Marvin Schrebe

    We are definitely praying for you brother!

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