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PRAYER ROOM – Pray for One

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    Mack Smalley Jr.

    God will thank for this day that will bring new things.  Lord we look forward to what is in store for us.  God right before and after prayer somebody started acting foolish with me about a work order…they put wrong address.  God help them for mistake and belittling me… trying make my job hard.  I I rebuked in the name of Jesus.  The Devil got hold of them or the spirit of drunken…one and same.  I told the Devil to get out of here.  Get!  I was doing fine…then that’s when they try mess your night up…not to night.

    Thank the Lord I listened to VA rep.  I learned something.  God thank you for helping me close my moth and receive understanding today.  Lean not into our understanding, but seek God.

    This is not talk over coffee…this is my prayer.  Thank the Lord.  I am getting ready to receive a spirit of peace, love, joy, kindness, long suffering, patience, faithfulness and truth.  I accept the fruits of spirit.  I speak good thing s into my and others life.  I am not asking for carnal things or material things right now…just peace of mind.  God give me smile in Jesus name.

    Go Jesus go!  Show me what you can do.  Thank you!  In Jesus name.  The Christ.  King of the Jews, Mary’s baby, Wonderful Counselor…I praying.  The Devil thought I was closing.  Get ready, get ready, get ready for Jesus blessings over all manner of men.  Blessings, blessings, favor, victory in Jesus.

    Aaaamen (Amen). Then hit on the drums and organ 3 times.


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