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    Jim Kvale

    I can see new is not always better or easily accessible. This takes time to get this far. Yet persistence is working right now.
    Us members that have come over to this site need to go back and contact our members at the old site and coax them to register.
    Is this similar when we ministers want to begin, to start a new church? Not many want to change, very reluctant. Yet, what makes them want to change?
    Jesus had difficulty in his ministry because many either didn’t want change or were afraid of change. However, technology is the cause for change. We minister’s must stay sharp, in tune, with technology
    Just wanted to write a topic.
    Let’s not get discouraged with this new change, for the main reason we need it. Amen.

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    Jim Kvale

    Well I have been scrolling back and forth on the NACM Site and slowly getting more familiar with it.

    That is the same with the Holy Bible (God’s Word) The more we are in it the more we are familiar with the Author.

    God bless all of you who can find this site.

    Pastor Jim

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    Hi Jim
    Figured out how to do some of this so I joined the Iowa group also Mostly because you have better roads hahaha our roads …the potholes are classified as lakes here in minnysoda
    God Bless

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    Matthew Brownfield

    I was finally able to login on the new site..and yes, Change is hard for everyone, but moving forward is so important in life 🙂

    Happy to be here and fellowship with others!


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