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Marriage Requirements

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    Steven Helm

    I’m a chaplain in an UAW factory and one of our services are preforming weddings. Besides no same sex weddings, are their other requirements of NACM? I want to have a document that spells out my requirements in advance. So far I’ve got:
    1. No same sex weddings
    2. Must not dishonor Christ

    To my brother/sisters in our union I won’t charge a fee but do any of you charge? And if so, how much?


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    Edgar Hariston

    Officiating a marriage is a awesome experience and service to our Lord.  The N.A.C.M does not place a lot of restrictions on us.  The most important is not dishonoring GOD and HIS word.  So indeed no same sex marriages.   As for charging for your service it is purely up to you.  If thy ask you can always say you will accept a donation of their choosing.

    Other requirements I desire/document is at least a few counseling sessions.  It is the opportunity to open up dialog the couple may not have thought of yet. Communication is key.

    There are sample ceremonies and certificates available from the site.  Or your local Christian book store.  NOTE: Be familiar with your local state requirements as well.  Your own personal touch to each will always be appreciated.

    Weddings are a special memorable time in ones life and should be gone into with reverence and understanding.  No matter what the venue formal or informal you (male and female) are stepping into a new aspect of your life.  Both of them are now moving toward and now considering shedding portions of your own separate identity for a new identity as one.  THIS UNION SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY.  They should understand they are now saying to each other I accept you as you are to be my closest friend, confidant, lover, and much more.  ACCEPTING that neither one of them are perfect and that while there will be challenges they must be willing to commit to one another through the good and the bad.
    <p align=”center”>Let them know that whatever has been or they are headed toward they can overcome whatever it is with God’s help


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