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First and foremost I would like to personally thank the National Association of Christian ministers for accepting me into their family. I cannot wait to go forth proclaiming the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. I will be praying earnestly also to work with members of the National Association of Christian ministers, throughout this country and around the world  as we go forth saving Souls Healing The Sick and proclaiming the gosel throughout the world.

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Travis Russ

Pastor/ Teacher

I became born again at the age of 14, at an early age I felt the calling from God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. At the age of 18 God give me a reason, waking me up early deep sleep, I proceeded to take a notebook and pencil, writing out and drawing exactly why he gave me an early age. But because of fear, I stayed in the dark walnut for many years. Was not until recently, when my senior pastor in the last 6 months has shown me that I have nothing to fear. Go with the burning desire Within Me I am going for it to fulfill my destiny that God has given me. I currently hold an associate’s degree in religion and theology and working on my bachelor’s degree. Through Isom International School of ministry out of San Bernardino, California.

I currently serve in the following Ministries, Communion, Hospital Visitation, Infant dedication, Nursing home visitation, Prayer for healing, Water baptism, we also provide one on one group Bible studys, home fellowship groups. Street ministries with the homeless. Helping them find homes jobs and transportation. Personally opening my own home, to one person at a time, to those who are homeless my wife and myself also have plans on working with the Native American community. Myself being a member of the Oneida Nation I wish Johnson Indian tribe. I am 100% Oneida of the turtle Clan.

I am looking to network with all my brothers and sisters, in the nacm to spread simple Gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord and personal savior. God bless you all, and hope to hear from you. let us become more than just friends. Let us become brothers and sisters, as the Lord wants us to be a family of believers waiting and praying for his return. Working together and the spreading of the Gospel showing the world I’m his love his grace and his Redemption. God bless you all



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