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Greetings in the Name of Jesus!  My name is Charles Schott and I’m 44 years old.  I am the son of a retired Pastor of the Church of God (7th Day) in Petersburg, Michigan, which is also the church congregation in which I grew up and attended through my school and first few years of college.  One day, my Dad said from the pulpit, “There is someone here who I think should pursue becoming a full-time Pastor.”  I looked around and could think of plenty of people in the congregation about whom my Dad could be speaking.  He later revealed that I was that person!

After spending the first 20+ years in the Church of God (7th Day) and a few months after our oldest daughter was born in August 2006, my wife and I began attending church at Southpoint Community Christian Church in Trenton, Michigan in 2007.  This turned out to be wonderful time for our spiritual growth.  I was hand-selected by lead Pastor Brett Kays to be a part of a leadership group of six men that Pastor Kays personally spent time mentoring the group to become the future leaders of the church.  It was such a powerful group experience that Pastor Kays created part two of that group and called it Titus Men which continued the in-depth personal mentorship for another year.  At this time, Pastor Kays asked us to begin preaching and added the group members to the speaking schedule.  What an amazing time!  So thankful for the opportunity!

At this same time, I joined a Toastmasters International group at Walsh College to work on my speaking technique.  I figured if I was going to be speaking to groups of 500+ in church, I wanted to hone my craft to be of maximum value to what the Holy Spirit wanted His people to know at any moment.

I was privileged to speak on several occasions, but began to hunger for more of God.  While Southpoint was vital to my spiritual development, I needed more than the “milk” of a seeker-sensitive church.  I knew there was more.

At this time, I began to follow Rabbi Curt Landry from House of David Ministries in Fairland, Oklahoma.  He spoke about restoring the Jewish roots of the faith for the power of blessings worshiping as Jew and Gentile together under One New Man cited in Ephesians 2.  This isn’t about legalism, but observing the blessings of celebrating the feasts and operating in the blessings that come with meeting with Jew and Gentile at God’s appointed time (moed’s).

Shortly thereafter, I met with Pastor Kays and told him I felt the Lord was preparing me to move on out of Southpoint.  I thanked him for the opportunity and mentoring and we prayed together.

In 2014, God led us to New Hope Assembly of God on Racho Road in Taylor.  God continued to show me His true nature and draw me closer to him.  The Holy Spirit was openly welcomed in each service and there were tongues and interpretations.  It was powerful.

All the while I continued to follow Rabbi Landry and have been down to Passover (Pesach), Rosh Hoshanah, and Tabernacles (Sukkot) feasts with House of David in Fairland, Oklahoma.

Earlier this year at Passover at House of David, the Lord gave me a specific word during the Immersion and revealed my ministry and calling.  I am to pursue becoming a Pastor (Dad’s prophetic word coming to fruition!) of a One New Man congregation in Michigan under the covering of Rabbi Curt Landry.  The Lord also told me to start a blog about my experiences of being an earthly father to my two daughters.  He has used my fatherhood to show me His nature as our Good, Good, Heavenly Father.  The Lord told me He would use my blog to connect others to Him so they can understand His Father nature.

I invite you to view my blog (still a work in progress) at:  //

I’m so excited for what God is going to do in the immediate future.

This is why I’m applying for membership through National Association of Christian Ministers and receive my Pastor credentials as the next step in what the Lord has for me.

Thank you for reading and your consideration of my membership.

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