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Please select the type of minister which best describes your primary interest in ministry.
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I was born, and grew up in a wonderful small town, Dunedin, FL.I proudly served for 15 years in the Florida Army National Guard, and was Honorably discharged in 2000.I was raised in a wonderful Christian non denominational church in Clearwater, FL.I have always walked close to the Lord. I attend, and I am a member of, First Baptist Church in New Port Richey, FL.I have worked in the nursing field for 37 years now. I worked for 22 years in skilled long term care and in hospitals. I have worked with Hospice for the past 14 years. I am proud and humbled that over all those years, Jesus has used me to lead many to him, as well as praying for the sick and their families. If any, what kind of ministry are you in, or desire to start? Sharing the Gospel with others, Evangelizing and counseling. What are your networking goals (what kind of opportunities would you like to find)? I would like to work in the Ministry full time ministering to people, and Evangelizing. Do you sincerely believe that God has called you to ministry? yes Please select the type of minister which best describes your interest in ministry. Chaplain Without compromise, believe that Jesus is the “only” way to salvation. Do you agree? Yes Without compromise, we classify homosexuality as sin. Do you agree? Yes Have you ever been convicted of a sex crime? No With good conscience, to the best of my knowledge I certify that the information submitted in this application is true. Yes

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