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Managing Director of several ministry organizations, and Bible Study teacher

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Raised Catholic, I tried many different religions until I was about 22…unsatisfied with the rather rigid doctrine of the larger religions.  That dissatisfaction continues today, although I’ve grown to see the good in each church as I experience these different ways of Christian expression.

I began teaching youth Bible Studies in a Baptist Church in the Dallas, TX area at age 26, leading outreach at 28 and moving to hands-on ministry to the homeless and the poor by 34.  At 35, I moved to, and joined the Trinity Foundation (now Community on Columbia…// in east Dallas, taking in the homeless, providing 24/7 care and attention and in 1-3 faith groups every day.  I also taught Science to the youth in our community school nearly every day during my lunch hour, while still maintaining a full time job as a geologist with an oil company.

After 12 years of that, I moved my family to the suburbs, and began teaching mens’ Bible Studies at a Baptist Church (Fellowship Forney), which soon became and independent group meeting weekly and ministering personally.  Since then, I’ve lead numerous faith groups, from “official” home groups, to studies at our home.

I was the outreach director and then president of the congregation at Water of Life Lutheran Church for several years, moving the church toward meeting the needs of the poor in the community.  But, the rigid doctrine and politics of that church got stifling after several years, and my family and I are currently visiting the many churches in our area.

I’ve also been involved in community ministry in Forney, Texas since 2005.  I am founding director for Forney Community Ministries, which is uniting the resources of churches in our community to meet needs more efficiently through cooperation, rather than overlapping of activities.  I am also founding director for Hunger Relief Ministries, which is working under Forney Community Ministries in the area of food and shelter, and also uses my skills as a pilot of our Cessna T310R aircraft to transport people and supplies to hospitals and other destinations.

I have been very successful in business, so have never been paid for any of my work in ministry…and I’d like to keep it that way.  But I find myself in need of certification to get into places like hospitals and prisons, from which I am generally restricted, and also so that I can perform funerals, the occasional wedding, and have more credibility at some of the churches that I work with.

I currently teach at 2 Bible Studies per week, one in my home and one at Genesis Center, which is a women’s shelter and rejuvination home.  I’m sure that any of the people involved would be happy to give you references, if needed.  Jesus is the focus of my life, and I have been blessed to be able share His ministry openly.

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