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I was saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit when I was 11 years old. I was also water baptized. I grew up in the Pentecostal holiness church. My daddy was a deacon in the church. I had one christian friend in school and back then the Gideons were allowed to go to the schools and pass out a small new testament. We would take our New testaments and we’d study at free time and at recess I would evangelize. She would go around with me but, I was the mouth piece. At age 13 & 17, I was raped. When I was 19 I almost died from sickness on my right lung and my rotten gallbladder
When I was 20 my mama died with cancer. Through out my journey God has placed me to evangelize to children, prisoners, motorcycle gangs, the elderly and strangers God led me to. I have ministered to people all over the word.During this journey, I have lost a son, my home, my vehicles, my job, my husband and all I had. I have been at the point that all I had was Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit kept me alive. Gradually the Lord built me back up. He put his servants in my life to help me get a new job where I was ministered too and learn to serve others. Other servants in my life to learn hard work but put 2 pastors as my supervisors and the other to minister to my soul. He put others in my life to encourage me and others to help make a way for me to purchase a car. Holy Spirit ministered to me and reminded me of my worth. When I was so depressed and alone he would speak to me and help me to get up and keep going. Eventually I regained a life. My Lord Jesus rebuilt my life. He gave me my husband back, a good job, my children and my husband and I a house we had prayed for. He made me humble. He equipped me and gave me an understanding of how others feel in situations. I was now equipped to minister to people who had been raped, hungry and homeless. Those who are jobless, without a vehicle, those in mourning who have lost a child, those who have depression, anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. I was now equipped to help those who have children on drugs and I’m equipped to help those who are drowning their sorrows in ways that are not productive. Most of all I could tell them about  Jesus Christ and his love. I could now teach them to depend on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for their needs and help during the trials and storms in life. I could now teach them to be humble and to give God glory and praise even in the darkest times. I can help them to keep going when it’s tough. I can be an humble servant with love, compassion, empathy, and total trust in Jesus Christ. I can teach others to glorify God and to thank the Holy Spirit for his guidance and to ask for direction in all that we do and say.  I can now tell others that help is with them all the time if they only ask, as long as we don’t give up, because our Lord never gives up on us. Never stop trying, but take rest in the Lord.

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