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  • ENOCH ADEYEMI posted an update in the group Group logo of IowaIowa 6 months, 1 week ago

    One virtue that is synonymous to the church is fire.
    Way back in Moses pastorate of 3m people they were surrounded by pillar of cloud at day for guidance and pillar of fire at night for protection.
    Every growing church is a threat to the devil and the way to keep him off the church is by fire.
    This is why the first church was born out of fire and was sustained by fire, Acts 2:3, 5:12-14.
    Evil can’t penetrate church on fire Zech.2:4-5.
    Leaders of the church must necessarily be on fire. Lev 6:12-13.
    · Pillar of fire – Ex.13:21
    · Wall of fire – Zech 2:4-5
    · Tongue of fire – Act 2:3
    Satan is always afraid of any praying church.
    A praying pastor is pastor on fire. Without fire, a pastor will be reduced to a “fine” pastor.
    In prayer, a “fire” pastor is born. On the other hand fire attracts people.
    If people are not coming to your church, it simply implies that fire is not there. Therefore generate more fire by stirring up people to pray.
    The higher the burning of fire the greater the attention it attracts.
    Be on fire and people will naturally come to watch you burning. Be fire personified!

    • Well that’s what Jesus said he was baptizing with. Plus the Holy Spirit. Who came down upon the belivers as tongues of fire.
      Keep up the good comments.
      God bless
      Pastor Jim

      • Enoch, we haven’t received any post at the Iowa site I hope all is well with you. Please write to us and share your experiences in your ministry.

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