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Until I am comfortable with this new site and in seeing a few “broken” HTML Forms code things, data, — I am leaving this initial entry – and wonder if the duplicate still exists? Anyway, as I get more comfortable with how the information is engage in this new platform, I’ll reengage these profile things. *Surely not a member since 2019, — I was a Credentialed Minister about the time this organisation got started and really rolling along. I’ll have to locate that original letter, but it’s been about a decade.

Initial comment when transferring ID’s over to this new platform, — unedited and nothing like all the thought and editing I put into the initial platform/old prior platforms text:
I’ve been following Jesus Christ for several decades, across this country, through several States.

Note: Since I’ve filled this out previously (and initially) and I am not sure “this” attempt to “Transfer” from the old archive will work, — I will come back to revise this once I have confirmed this too was not lost or overlooked and not processed as well. I just don’t understand why all ID’s could not be moved; and this is a second try. I see no other Email to contact of  if there is a problem. So, it seems, all one can do is Re-try, or give up? Or, mark as “New”, not “Transfer”?

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