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George Meilahn, CALIFORNIAoffline

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George Meilahn

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  • @GFMeilahn
  • September 5, 2019

I met with three members from the Colton area yesterday. All of them are chaplains at a local hospital. We discussed the venue for the gathering, which will will be in the Bay Area, most likely November 23rd ( a week before Thanksgiving.)

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George Meilahn

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  • @GFMeilahn
  • July 26, 2019

Any member want to meet during my "vacation" in early September? I am thinking of heading south, maybe as far as Lakeside, where my sister lives.

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George F. Meilahn


Raised in a minister’s home, I knew a lot about Jesus before I came to know Jesus. Have been an educator in public and Christian schools, a teacher and leader of Bible classes for all ages. Have been on two deacon boards, a district finance committee, and VP on cycling board and evangelistic organization. My calling is to be the hands, feet of voice of Christ outside the walls of the church.


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