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Not Having been raised in the church, I did not come to the Lord until I was 16. From there I have had quite an experience of meeting some wonderful, yet different, people as I spent time in their denominations, including Catholic, Lutheran, Nazarene, Baptist, Wesleyan, Assembly of God, Independent Word of Faith, and presently a non-denominational church.

There have been many ups and downs and rough patches as I attempted to navigate these waters and find my place in the family. Sometimes drifting out of fellowship with the Lord but He has never left or forsaken me and always draws me back to my senses, sometimes after very tough lessons.

I have no reservations on the Lords call in my life as he has repeatedly brought the displaced into my life for encouragement and reconciliation. I am His servant, whether in the basement or on the balcony. I am called to give warning as a watchman and I do not want the blood of those I did not warn on my head.

My previous membership was interrupted by a computer crash and an email server that is no longer supported.

I miss the discussions most. Especially with brother Roger N.

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