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State of Vermont I am just another of GOD’S children who has a call on his life! I have known my SAVIOR since early childhood. I never really had that bombshell when I accepted the LORD because I have never not known HIM. I am sorry to say that at times in my life I have not listened when the LORD was trying to tell me how to act or react to something, but still I always knew HE was there and HE was GOD! The following is my testimony, or at least one of my testimonies; When I was about eight years old, give or take a year, I was a resident at a TB Sanitorium. I was a mean little kid and really, really missed my family, Dad and Mom came as often as they could but at that age it is never enough! One day I had ran away from the facility and was being punished for it. Not saying that I didn’t deserve it, but I was hurting and every whack of that paddle hurt me more inside than out! I can still recollect and feel that horrible internal grief! In a moment of intense emotions I was blaming GOD and I said to HIM, if you are really GOD, make my nose bleed!! NEVER, EVER ask GOD to make your nose bleed!! My nose started to bleed instantly and it bled profusely, scaring not only me but all of the care providers around me! It just wouldn’t stop, the sink was filling with blood and I was getting very weak! It was than that I told GOD I believed and PRAYED that HE would make the bleeding stop. It stopped as quickly as it began!! Now doing my best to put my full TRUST in HIM, to believe that I am right where HE wants me to be. I search out the JOY that only our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST can give.

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