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I had very little religious training as a child. I was abused by adults and grew up believing I was worthless. I engaged in the use of drugs and ultimately ended up in prison when I was 29. I signed up for a faith based program at the prison, as I had a strong desire within me to know more about Jesus. I had read that he loved me, but I couldn’t imagine that, since I was so unlovable. Through the prison religious program, I began to study God’s Word, learned about forgiveness, and more and more about Jesus. At some point during this 18 month program, I began to feel that Jesus does love me, and I couldn’t wait to go out on the recreation yard each day alone, so I could talk to him.

During this time, I developed a heart for others who were hurting and didn’t know Jesus. I began to share with others who felt hopeless, like I once had. I volunteered to do a Bible Study one evening a week.

Once released from prison, I volunteered the domestic violence shelter in our community to work with the women and to lead Bible Studies. It seemed like having God in my life created a light in my future that I could never see before. I recognized the need to further my education. I enrolled in a local college and five years later had earned a degree in Business Administration, which would allow me to obtain employment to support myself.

I felt like as much as I had learned about God and His Word while in prison, there was so much more to learn. I enrolled in the Ministerial program through Global University in Springfield, Missouri, and began the first of three levels that would eventually lead to Licensure and/or Ordination. I have now completed each level.

I am a member of the Assembly of God Church in Benton, Arkansas, a Pentecostal Church. Many of the people who I encounter prefer to attend a non-denominational church, and do not want to be affiliated with any particular denomination. Therefore, I have decided to apply for my Ordination through a non-denominational Church/Ministry Organization. I have chosen to be a Chaplain, because of the types of individuals whom I encounter and places I go in my volunteer work.

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