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I have been a Christian since April of 1983. For over 18 years I attended Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California where Dr. John MacArthur is the Pastor/Teacher. I truly enjoyed being a part of a fundamentalist type of church, so when I move from that area I sought out that type of church organization. I now attend First Fundamental Bible Church of Whittier California where Dr. Alex Montoya is the Pastor/Teacher. I chose this church because Dr. Montoya isn’t just a gifted teacher, but because he is also a staff member and professor at The Master’s College where Dr. MacArthur is President. I am 61, married to my second wife for 18 years (the first is deceased), a father of seven, grandfather of nine, and a spirit-filled, God-fearing, Jesus-loving, man of God. I have been gifted by the Holy Spirit with an ability to teach, preach, inspire and encourage. However, because of the pressures of work, marriage, raising children, and all other life stuff, I’ve never had the time to attend an official seminary. Frankly, and biblically speaking, I don’t believe it’s necessary (seminary) as I fit the qualifications as set forth in the Pastoral Epistles. I am very well versed and have an extensive library of books that the good Lord has blessed me with over the years. The reason for my wanting to become an ordained Minster/Chaplain through your organization is because the fundamentalist church I go to will not ordain me unless I attend schooling that is approved by them. I won’t even ask – I know the drill very well. I must be about my Lord’s work, but to be involved in the ministry of speaking to the children and adults that are in prison one must be (or should be) aligned with an organization like yours that is willing to ordain someone that is called to minister to the lost in prison. I have two children that because of drugs have been in and out of facilities for a good portion of their young lives. It breaks my heart to see the conditions, both physical and spiritual, that these boys and girls, men and women have to live with. I also have a heart for counseling, and for years many have come to me for help with their kids, their marriage, and their personal demons as well. The bible has the answers to all of life’s questions, but as it says in your website and in the bible, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit about myself. I’ve been up most of the night wondering what God is going to do with my request to use me in the areas I spoke of. He knows my heart, and He knows that I truly want to make a difference among the lost and His people as well. Please understand, that with or without ordination I will continue to do His work, but having the credentials bring credibility and opens doors that I won’t have to kick down. Amen? Amen. To God be the glory and honor forever. – Ephesians 2:8, 9

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