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    6 months, 1 week ago
    My highlight of the week is intercession with more than 20 men from more than 5 local churches!
    We pray for Shalom for Jerusalem / Israel, the Persecuted Church Globally, Fruit for all our Missionaries, Protection for the military, the police, and our leaders, the Healing of sick, The Understanding of The Lords WILL for “such a time as this”, etc…
    For the UNITY of the church to The KNOWLEDGE of THE LORD as / like the demons / legions / the many “in the demoniac of the Gaderines” are in unity with the devil.

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Dennis D Lingbeek


Graduate of Biblical Studies, Liberty Univ.
Leadership Training Course 302 & Christian Leadership Concept CLC, Liberty Church .
Total Quality Leadership, Department Heads NSHS.
Jr High Sunday School Teacher NAVSTA Rota Spain.
Assembly of God, Church of HIS Presence.
Messianic, House of David, congregation.
Presidential Prayer Team Member,
American Center for Law & Justice Member ACLJ
Christians United For Israel Member CUFI
Supporter of Dave Roever Evangelistic Assn.

  Military ministry
To be like Haggai and John the Immerser, MY Angelos, earth angels of flesh and blood, malakh …a messenger of God, an emissary on a divine assignment bringing God’s message to mankind…an evAngel of the Gospel, good tidings of great joy…

         Intercession prayer
We are called to pray for our leaders!
Please lift our President and Vice President up for WISDOM, PROTECTION, and FAVOR with CHURCH, and GOVERNMENT LEADERS.
Pray for Righteous JUDGES,
Pray for Peace in ISRAEL and Zion,
Pray for our MILITARY and the IDF,
Pray for our POLICE men in blue,
Pray for the CHURCH to Awake and Seek HIS PRESENCE.



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