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Eileen DeCoite


I believe I am ordained by our Father himself as I have been to heaven and met him and our Lord Jesus Christ in 2011 when I passed during transplant surgery experience.  He took me on quite a journey and showed me so much.. sent me back and told me to tell the world what I experienced on the other side.  So, here I am trying to convey what has been shown to me.  I was raised Catholic and on my 22nd birthday became born again.  I have always had a deep love for Christ and been connected to the Holy Spirit but now that I was taken from here and sent back… there is no veil between the Holy Spirit and I and I can so clearly hear his voice.  I want to carry a ministers credential just so the world would take the things I say seriously not that it is necessary because we are called by God and appointed by HIM not by people or this world.  I am so happy to have found this organization because our Father showed me that he is unhappy with how Christianity is .. like a corporate business and thats not what Jesus was…I enjoy being guided by the spirit HE is my clergy and I follow what HE instructs me to say and do and no one else.  Thank you NACM for giving me that opportunity to minister as an individual the way the Spirit of Christ instructs me… this is why I call my ministry Heaven to Earth because that is just what it is.  Blessings to you all.  Rev. Eileen



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