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  • Freewater Issah, Ondo posted an update in the group Group logo of Ghana MinistriesGhana Ministries 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Welcome to this Thursday, the 11th of July 2019. The Scripture says in Luke 14:28, “For which of you intends to build a tower will not sit down first and count the cost to ensure whether their is sufficient to finish it”.

    Beloved, Great Accomplishments comes from God via strategic planning. This new phase, you need to build on the foundation of seeking Divine guidance from God. And Divine support shall be yours in every aspects in the name of Jesus.

    As we journey on this month of July, Grace to be passionate, plan effectively and focus on God shall be released upon you. With God in this Month of Perfection, you will achieve your vision and objectives for this new season in the name of Jesus.

    The door of mercy that you have been knocking for a while will open for you today. May the Lord give you mercy in the order of Jacob and make you to be preferred than your peers. May He show you mercy in the order of David by giving you generational blessings. May the mercy of God come to you today like rivers in Jesus mighty name.

    Good morning and do have a Great Thursday. Stay focus, Courageous and remain Lifted.

    With Love from Elder Freewater. SHALOM!!!

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