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I am a Minister from New Jersey and believe, ” We walk by Faith, not by Sight” as I said, I am a Minister from North Jersey, I attend an AME Church but minister in inter faith.  I am attending school online for a Chaplaincy degree, I knew this was my calling because of the questions I have been asked and things I have gone through in the past, I always believe in God, but…  Sense I have placed God first in my life, I have notice a change in me that I can not explain, and people have notice it also.  I have been a Minister since 2016, but had been going to church since  I was 10 and raise by my grandmother.  To be honest I was not always good, I have done things that I am not proud of and lied to make it look good, and to who ?  Then I realize who my family really was, just as my grandmother told me your church and the people trying to do right and saved are your true friends.   I never really knew my real Father until He change my life.  My heavenly Father save me, I should be dead, but God told me, it was not my time and He still had things for me to do.  I was having open heart surgery when something I believed to be the Holy Spirit came to me.   I love helping people, speaking and listening to them and letting them know about the one true God.  Also the things He can do and will do if you just ask Him and give Him a chance, believe in Him first in your life.  I tell people, look you tried it your way, now try it God’s way.  ( the bible, church, speaking to a clergy, etc..)

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